What kind of photo shoots do we do ?

For us at LimeStarPhotography there is never limits in terms of what kind of event we can cover. We are very open minded and always look forward for new opportunities and experiences.

Who will be covering my event ?

Smaller photo shoots will be covered by one photographer, though every wedding and some of the bigger events will be covered by two professional photographers.

How fast we will get our pictures ?

We always strive to return pictures to our customers as soon a possible.
Usually for family, new born, pregnancy, portraiture or a small events, we deliver pictures within first 10 days from photo shoot.
For bigger event and weddings, time frames of course are a bit longer, we normally deliver wedding pictures in one month after the wedding, a bit shorter period for corporate parties, or bigger events.
However it all really depends on what package you want to get, and how many images you would like.

What if you (Photographer) will be sick ?

Our crew consists of two professional photographers, so if one of us gets sick, second photographer will be able to cover the photo shoot. (subject to availability of other photographer)
Second option is of course to reschedule, and we are very lenient, when it comes to rescheduling, due to our fault.

Are you shooting more then one wedding a day ?

No. We only book one wedding for a day , to ensure that we will photograph your special day from the beginning ( of you getting ready ) to the end ( cake cutting , first dance ).

Do you have a back up equipment ?

Yes, we always take back up equipment with us , for any shoots that we do.

Will you post our pictures on you website, blog ?

We always ask before, and will ask you to fill out the form/ wedding contract.
All the images we take we might use for our website promotions or any other promotions ( magazines , blogs, albums ).

What if I (customer) can’t make to the photo shoot for any reason ?

We require 24 hour notice for cancelling or rescheduling photo shoots in most cases.
If customer doesn’t show up for a photo session, the deposit is not refundable.
Most of the time we manage to reschedule the photo shoot with our customers without any issues, so if you have any changes is you plans, all we ask, is let us know, and we will work something out.

If there are any other questions you would like to ask us don’t hesitate and just ask us via phone or email